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  1. Struggling with Instrumentation Fitting Lead Times & Cost?

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    DK-Lok Intrumnetation Fittings are available from McGill Hose & Coupling and offer quick lead times and cost savings

    Instrumentation Fittings from DK-Lok

    A viable solution for Instrumentation Fittings woes…

    Fully Interchangeable:

    Feel confident that DK-Lok Instrumentation fittings are able to be intermixed with Swagelok® and Parker® fittings. Supporting documentation is available on our website.

    Much improved lead time:

    Many times, DK-Lok’s Instrumentation fittings and valves will have a much better lead time than its closest competitors, avoiding costly production delays and missed deadlines.

    Cost Savings:

    DK-Lok quotes often come back with considerable savings over its closest competitors, leading to projects that come in at, or under budget!