Petrochemical Hose Assemblies

Hoses assemblies for the petrochemical industry require specific tube compositions and/or durability to withstand the oils, pressures and other chemicals to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Count on McGill Hose & Coupling’s 60 years of experience to equip your facility with the right hose assemblies for your specific applications.


Continental Fabchem Pliosyn™ (UHMWPE) Tube

Our "go-to" chemical transfer hose. Fabchem Pliosyn™ handles most common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow and suction service Fabchem Pliosyn™ has a ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) tube and EPDM Synthetic Rubber cover. It is reinforced with Spiral-plied Synthetic Fabric with double wire helix and handles a range of temperature of: -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)

Metal Hose w 300lb flange

Custom Metal Hose Assemblies

With our in-house 3 station weld shop and tube bending capabilities, we are able to produce hose assemblies for all types of custom requirements. From high temperature to extremely caustic materials, as well as custom bends and unique applications, McGill Hose is equipped to produce the assembly that is best suited to your plant/facility's needs.

Corroline + PFTE Hose

PTFE smooth bore tube, that is kink resistant and features a fire-resistant rubber cover. Anti-Static PTFE tube is also available.
Unlike other PTFE tube hoses, it maintains a full 360 flow path at its minimum bend radius, making this one of the most flexible hoses you will use in this industry. Full flow PTFE lined cam and groove fittings and 150# flanges are available.

Continental VersaChem

The VersaChem hose is a key addition to service the petrochemical industry, downstream and midstream bulk hauling industries, as well as for tank trucks, railroad cars. VersaChem has a 250 PSI working pressure and complies to ARPM guidelines with a 4:1 safety factor that is crucial in hazardous applications. Also, this is a universal hose with static dissipating UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) liner.