High Purity Process

McGill Hose & Coupling specializes in the fabrication of hose and fitting solutions for process fluids transfer in High Purity manufacturing and research plants. These specialized applications need the utmost expertise and high quality assemblies; both of which you will find when partnering with our team of Application Specialists and product vendors.

  • Aflex Hose
    • Bioflex Ultra – A smooth-bore, highly flexible PTFE hose, that overcomes the disadvantages of conventional smooth-bore and convoluted hose designs.
    • Pharmaline N, X – Designed to replace conventional silicone rubber hoses in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing applications
    • Corroflon – Is the Industry Standard convoluted PTFE hose for major chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing companies. Corroflon also provides better cleanability and drainability than any other convoluted hose products.

AFLEX PTFE Process Hose

  • Saint Gobain / Flexible Components
    • Tygon Platinum Cured
      • 3370IB – Braid reinforced for increased pressure resistance, silicone tubing for food and beverage dispensing is frequently specified in the most demanding applications requiring sanitary transfer of fluids.
      • Tygon – SPT-3370 IB tubing can easily withstand repeated SIP and CIP cleaning and sterilization cycles, making it ideal for repeat-use applications. Its flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance provide a unique combination of characteristics required in many food and beverage applications.
    • Tygon Platinum Cured Silicone
    • Versilon® FEP and PTFE hose
      • Versilon™ high purity tubing and piping products are offered in diameters ranging from fractions of an inch to several inches. From laboratory tubing to flexible transfer hoses, Versilon provides smart choices for all of your fluid handling needs.
      • WCS, WCSS

Tygon Food and Beverage Tubing

Versilon XFR

  • OPW
    • Epsilon Coupler
      • Featuring an innovative double ball-valve system, Epsilon™ Dry Disconnect Couplings deliver the lowest product loss in the industry. A tactical balance of an unrestricted flow path and double shutoff reliability makes Epsilon™ the safest and most efficient coupling system in the world.
  • Cejn
    • Stainless Steel Non Drip Couplers
      • CEJN’s Non-Drip couplings are designed solely for low-pressure fluid and vacuum applications. The product range has unlimited combination possibilities and is ideal for connecting all types of fluid lines.