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Tube and Pipe Bending

McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. is experienced in both simple and complex bends to offer another dimension of fluid handling solutions. Whether a single prototype or production bends, our commitment is to accuracy and quality. We offer custom tube and pipe bending, as well as forming, flaring, welding and plating in Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminum. More >

Hose Selection and Recommendation

At McGill Hose & Coupling, we work hard to have a diverse inventory and supplier base so that we have the hose you need when you need it. We train extensively and take advantage of supplier training so that our sales staff is ready and able to help you with selecting a hose that will provide superior service and safety for your individual application. More >

Solution Engineering

Customization is what we do best. Although we do make hoses in predetermined lengths as stock assemblies, there is so much more to what we do. Often, we work directly with our customers to design hose assemblies to their exact need and specifications. More >

Hose Fabrication

McGill Hose & Coupling is a leading fabricator and manufacturer of flexible hose, fitting & fluid handling products. We have always been regarded as “hose specialists” because of the product and application expertise we bring to our customers. More >

Hose Testing and Certification

One of the most common tests performed at McGill Hose & Coupling is the Hydrostatic hose test. In these tests hoses are filled with water then pressurized in accordance with either the NAHAD standards (usually 1 and a half times working pressure) or in some cases where the customer requires a more stringent test even higher pressures to ensure that the hose assembly is assembled safely and reliably and will exceed performance needs in the field. More >

Custom ID Tagging and Tracking

We have custom tagging and tracking such as Etched Tags & Crimp Collars (Dot Peen), Laser-Etched Tags & Crimp Collars, Color coding, Bundling, Hose Trakker, Electronic tracking of hoses with key data storage, RFID Chips, Aflex Streamline, Customer-Specific Part numbering More >

In-Plant Hose/Coupling Safety Surveys

McGill Hose & Coupling understands that time is a valuable commodity, but safety is priceless. Invest a few hours of your week to schedule a full facility review of the hoses, couplings, and expansion joints found within your facility. More >

Value Added Business Services

We have Value Added Business Services such as Just in time Inventory, VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory, Blanket Orders, EDI, Asset Tracking, Afternoon UPS, Same Day Shipping, Kitting More >

Cleaning & Finishing

Eliminating contamination in fluid piping systems is becoming more important. Particle contamination left behind from welding, cutting crimping, bending, and flaring is a real problem. We work with our customers to determine the best cleaning processes to meet their expectations. We utilize the following products and methods to meet these requirements. More >

To ensure safety, quality, and reliability McGill Hose & Coupling designs and assembles hose assemblies in accordance with the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Guidelines.

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