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Corrugated Stainless steel Braided Hose & Stripwound Metal Hose

McGill Hose is the single best source for flexible metal hose and corrugated metal hose (also known as stainless steel braided hose) & stripwound metal hose assemblies..

Our McGill Team of hose and fittings experts welcomes any questions about products or fabrication capabilities. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind special product, high volume products or just need help getting started, you can live chat with an expert on our website, call us at 413.525.3977 or send us an email.


  • Handles Temperatures Extremes
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Zero Permeation
  • Fire Resistant
  • Full Vacuum Rating
  • Vibration Control

Having a full understanding of the demanding applications where using metal hose can be critical in determining success. The team here at McGill Hose & Coupling we will use our years of experience to help achieve the best possible solution for your metal hose needs through consulting with you on your various applications and prior history. We are well-versed in the many applications that metal hose can be used for, making McGill Hose & Coupling the top choice in the region. These include applications requiring corrosion resistance, extreme high & low temperature capabilities, or high durability among many more.


McGill Hose has been a leader in fabricating flexible metal hose assemblies since 1962. Our hoses are designed and fabricated to the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute specifications , ensuring consistent quality and safe assemblies. Furthermore, our welders are certified to ASME IX B31.1, a voluntary standard that promotes safety and reliability in pressure piping applications. (Please visit for more information on this standard.)

McGill Hose stocks 3/16” through 8” diameter metal hose in a variety of alloys, pressure ratings and flexibility options. We stock full reels of product making long length assemblies a common problem solver we’re able to supply.

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Fast-Flow in Stock Assemblies:

Metal hose assemblies are the cornerstone of our Fast-Flow program. Standard-sized threaded and flanged assemblies are available for same-day delivery. See our price list, size and material options by visiting our Fast-Flow Hose Assemblies page.


Custom Assemblies are our specialty. We complement our metal hose fabrication with an in-house machine shop for special fittings and our tube bending facility for special shapes for hard to reach connections. We can quickly and accurately work from concept, to design, to final ready to use assembly.

Within McGill Hose & Coupling’s in-house fabrication facilities, our ASME IX B31.1 welders have the ability to custom produce assemblies that can replace OEM parts that are no longer available, provide a better alternative to inefficient setups, or even help with one off needs and build to spec.

Corrugated Metal Hose Assemblies:

  • Fast-Flow Stock Assemblies
  • Pump Connectors / Vibration Eliminators
  • Annuflex
  • Masterflex
  • Pressureflex HP
  • Pressuremax HP
  • Chemking
  • Cholorsafe
  • Cryogenic Hose Assemblies
  • Formaflex
  • Extraflex
  • Hydraflex
  • Bronzeflex

Stripwound Metal Hose Assemblies:

  • Roughbore
    • Interflex
    • T-Rex
  • Smoothbore
    • Ultraflex
    • T-Rex SB
  • Floppyguard – Hose Protection


Although many metal hoses look the same, there are many critical questions to ask and factors/characteristics to consider in order to design the best custom hose solution for your specific application.

To properly design a metal hose assembly for a particular application, the following factors should be considered:

  • Size – I.D. O.D. and length
  • Temperature – Internal and external temperatures to the assembly is exposed to.
  • Application – Current hose used or discuss equipment and applications hose is intended for.
  • Material – Identify all materials/chemicals to which each component of the assembly will be exposed to, both internally and externally.
    Pressure – Identify the working and vacuum pressure.
  • End Fittings – Identify the necessary fittings and custom ends.
  • Delivery – Lead Time, Quantity, Special Marking or Packaging Requirements.