Plant Hose Coupling Survey

Make an investment in the safety of your facility

McGill Hose & Coupling understands that time is a valuable commodity, but safety is priceless. Invest a few hours of your week to schedule a full facility review of the hoses, couplings, and expansion joints found within your facility. We will take the time to meet with the key members of your team and fully inspect, document, and provide solutions ensuring you are doing what is needed to maintain the safety and profitability of your business. If you are interested in looking into a safety survey, please contact us at 413-525-3977 or


Document Hose Assets

Using your inventory tracking method, we can document all hoses & couplings


Visual Hose Inspections

With recommendations based on our findings, suggest immediate or future replacement


Hydraulic Hoses

End result is to select the right hose and have it installed properly and safely



Members of NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute represent distributors, manufacturers and suppliers who share a passion for the industry. They support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability through education, research, and collaboration through end-user forums.

Hose Survey Example

Sample Hose Survey

Expansion Joint Survey Example