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Aluminum Railcar Unload adapter

Railcar Dry Discharge Adaptor

Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminum, and in the following sizes:

6″ Female End x 5″ Male Cam + Groove
6″ Female End x 4″ Male Cam + Groove

This durable custom adaptor assists in the off-loading of dry goods such as plastic pellets or powders from railcars, while also being very economical.

Rail Car Unloading is a specialized process which takes a number of components to safely and quickly offload bulk material and fluids.

  • Loading Arms
    • Reach to the top or bottom of the rail car
    • Swing into place without heavy lifting protecting the operators
    • Swivel Joints are used in these arms to support the weight and allow easy movement and connection
  • Safe Harbor Racks and Fall Protection
    • Enable access to the top of rail car safely
    • No dangerous climbing
  • Couplings designed to safely connect and disconnect
    • API Couplers
    • Dry-Break Couplings
    • Cam & Groove
  • Locking Arms can Aid in Securing Hoses
  • Large bore hoses designed for efficient offloading
  • Overfill protection devices designed for safe loading and unloading


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OPW Lynx