At McGill Hose & Coupling we offer a broad range of Expansion Joints. These connections are vital to making piping systems work. Expansion joints absorb movement, vibration, thermal expansion (and contraction) and allow piping systems to function without failure. We offer expansion joints in three main types rubber, PTFE/PFTE, and Metal. Each has its strengths, and that is why we wanted to make sure we had a comprehensive offering.

Why Expansion Joints are needed:

  • Thermal Expansion and Contraction
  • Absorb Movement/Vibration
  • Direct/Limit Movement to Desired Direction

Expansion Joint Types McGill Hose & Coupling Offers:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • PTFE/Fluoropolymer

Expansion joints can absorb movement in a single plane or multiple planes and we offer solutions for all.  Expansion joints are much more than a hose or a simple flexible connection, their engineered construction achieves safety and predictable movement using the following key components as the application dictates:

  • Limiting bolts to restrict the range of motion in the system and tie the flanges to each other.
  • Hinged connections to direct movement in one or more predetermined planes.
  • Let us help you determine the best connection for your application.

Click one of the Expansion Joint Worksheets to help
us determine the best solution for your facility.