photo of an offshore wind farm requiring big bubble curtain hose for noise abatement

Big Bubble Curtain Hose – Noise Mitigation Systems for Offshore Wind Construction

Big bubble curtain hose is used for noise mitigation caused by underwater construction, often anchoring of foundations for wind turbines. Sound intensity can reach 180 dB, equivalent to a rocket launch, causing distress and harm to noise sensitive porpoises and marine life.
Photo courtesy of Continental

What is a big bubble curtain hose?


Big Bubble Curtains are made from perforated hose laid in a ring around the noise source. The hose creates a curtain of air bubbles generated by compressed air, resulting in a change in the density of the water, breaking up the sound waves. Construction noise is significantly reduced.

The Continental Big Bubble Curtain Hose Solution

Previously installed big bubble curtain hoses often used additional weights or pipe fittings to keep them grounded to the sea floor. This created difficulties when transporting the bubble curtain back to the surface of the water or during installation on the sea floor. Continental has developed a big bubble curtain hose that features an additional wire wrapped around the hose. This offers a real heavyweight hose that with the right degree of balance at the required depth and without the need for compressed air to keep it buoyant. This innovative system protects nature and makes installation work easier.