How can hose tags streamline maintenance tasks?

Check out this article from Hose & Coupling World explaining how hose tags benefit your maintenance programs!

Etched Tags & Crimp Collars (Dot Peen)

Etched Tag

In house we can etch multi line tags allowing quick identification and communication of important hose information such as:
  • Hose part number
  • Size and length
  • Maximum working pressure
  • Date of Manufacturer

Laser-Etched Tags & Crimp Collars

Laser Etched Tag

Same tagging options as etched clamp on tags, but laser-etched into the hose ferrule
  • Preferred in Hi-Purity Applications and by Original Equipment Manufacturers for clean appearance

Color coding

 Color Coding

  • Allows easy identification from a distance
  • Can be full length color added to hose exterior with heat shrink
  • Can be full length color added to hose exterior with heat shrink


Hose Bundle

  • Tagging and labelling options can be expanded to gathering groups of hose together for routing and separation of groups of hoses

Hose Trakker


Powered by ContiTech & Info Chip – Electronic tracking of hoses with key data storage
  • Allows unique hose ID numbers for lifetime tracking of key data parameters
  • Store as much information or as little as each application requires to identify and track individual hose assemblies
  • Know when hose was made, due for inspection/replacement
  • Easily look up key data such as pressure and temperature ratings for specific hose assembly

RFID Chips


Next generation of tracking system where Radio Frequency Identification Chips allow for in place quick look up of key hose data.
  • Designed to be durable enough to withstand the daily abuse of high-use hoses
  • Information is easily accessed by placing a scanner close to the tag.

Aflex Streamline

Aflex Streamline

Our premier PTFE hose assemblies from Aflex have tag options where the text and color coding can be integrated into the hose cover allowing for clean wipe down and crevice free exterior.
  • This is vital in biopharmaceutical applications where there is no allowance for contamination

Customer-Specific Part numbering

  • We can either supply part numbers to identify hose assemblies for our customers or assign a customer supplied part number to any hose
  • Allows worry free tracking as well as straight forward reordering with part numbers that are unique to your hose