From the basic to the more complex hose needs McGill Hose & Coupling offers bulk Silicone hose material and fittings as well as complete finished custom assembly solutions.

Silicone elastomers have been used to greater and greater degrees since their development in the mid-20th Century.  Silicone hose takes advantage of the flexibility/pliability of Silicone, as well as its durability, and ability to withstand temperature extremes.  Compared to organic rubbers Silicone performs much better at both low temperatures as low as -65° F, and at high temperatures up to 500° F.  At these extremes many other elastomers would fail.

Depending on the formulation Silicone hose and tubing can be used for extreme high purity and food safe applications.  It can be commonly found in pharmaceutical applications, hospital equipment, and hot and cold food processing.

At McGill Hose & Coupling we partner with a number of suppliers offering, Silicone Hose, ducting, tubing, and connectors allowing us to supply the many industries and applications for Silicone products.

  • High Purity
    • Saint Gobain
    • Newage
    • Venair
  • Automotive and Industrial
    • Flexfab
    • Flexaust
    • Venair
Silicone - Flexfab Hose