Hose and Assemblies reference

This catalog will list many of our capabilities, fitting options, and “need to know” information when choosing your metal hose assembly. You will also find information on how to measure metal hose, which is vital when replacing existing assemblies.

Industrial Applications for Metal Hose

Water & Wastewater Treatment


Bulk Material Handling


Power Generation

High Pressure Gas Turbine Supply

High Pressure Lubrication

Hose for paper company

Papermaking Dryer Can

An important step in choosing the correct hose for your facility...

NAHAD Hose Safety - Stamped FormDownload our STAMPED form by clicking here!


These tools will help you to select the right hose for your application, to ensure your challenge is addressed successfully. Although many metal hoses look the same, there are many critical questions to ask and characteristics to consider in order to optimize the hose for the application.

Selecting the proper configuration – whether it’s hose & assembly components or expansion joints – is crucial. Type, size, alloy, length, and other factors must be carefully reviewed. Every application is different, so you must ensure each assembly is designed specifically for your purpose and operating conditions.