photo of PTFE ducting sold by McGill Hose

FM 4910 Approved PTFE Flexible Duct for
High Temperature & Corrosion Resistance

PTFE Flexible Ducting With PTFE Support Rings – Contains No Metal

PTFE duct custom made by McGill Hose

Custom TFE Duct™ PTFE Ducting

FM 4910 Approved

TFE Duct™ is a PTFE flexible ducting product that can be used in any chemical or high heat environment. With a maximum temperature range of 600°F (316°C), TFE Duct™ can be used in any wet or dry applications, regardless of the chemical exposure. Due to being fully constructed of all-PTFE, including the support rings, all chemical compatibility concerns are eliminated. TFE Duct™ can even be used in chlorine applications, where corrosion of the metal support coils is a common concern with traditional flexible ducting products.

Applications for PTFE Ducting

  • Chlor-Alkali
  • Clean Rooms
  • Chemical Plants and more…

Features & Benefits
of TFE™ Duct

  • Upper temperature limit of 600°F (316°C)
  • Good flexibility & crush-proof
  • Wear-resistant external rings protect the inner shell
  • Zero-porosity material
  • Can include a static-dissipative surface in the marketplace
  • Award-winning PTFE CrossFilmTM laminate technology.
  • All-PTFE laminate is easy to clean & will never corrode.
  • Lower permeation than coated products.
  • Better resistance to grease wick- ing than coated products.
  • Used in light negative & positive pressure applications
  • Excellent for chlorine applications
  • Uniform PTFE thickness over fabric reinforcement.
  • Higher excursion temperature capability than dip-coated PTFE materials.
  • Ideal product for applications with fire rating requirements.
  • Complies with ASTM E84, UBC 8-1, and UL 723