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SEPTEMBER 10-16th, 2023

McGill Hose & Coupling has always made safety a top priority for our employees and customers alike, but especially when it comes to fabricating hose assemblies. You rely on us to provide safe, well made products, so we rely on set guidelines from NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute (HSI) and product specifications from our manufacturers.  The HSI guidelines were created by NAHAD members who are leaders and pioneers in the industry.

Hose Safety Awareness Week was created to promote valuable safety information, products and services.

McGill Hose & Coupling is excited to work with you to introduce these products and procedures,
making it a priority to keep your employees, facilities, and end-users safe!

Throughout the week of September 10th, we will be sharing this valuable information through our website, social media and our stores in
East Longmeadow, MA, Woburn, MA, & East Providence, RI.

Sunday's Highlighted TOPIC:

NAHAD Hose Safety - Stamped Form

The “STAMPED” guidelines were created to provide a concise guide to assist in determining the correct hose, coupling and attachment method that will satisfy the customer’s needs. This should be used as the basis for collecting ALL information critical to the proper design of the hose for the desired application. The guide uses the STAMPED process. STAMPED is an acronym and stands for the 7 major information areas required to provide a quality hose assembly for the customer.

McGill Hose takes the use of STAMPED very seriously, because we want to ensure that our customers get the correct hose for their specific application.

Monday's Highlighted Products:

Danfoss is one of our most important partners, as our 3 branches are Danfoss Weatherhead Hose Centers. One example of their dedication to safety is shown through the Durakote coating they put on all of their fittings. This coating ensures that even under the harshest conditions, the hose assemblies fabricated with Danfoss fittings will resist decay and corrosion.

Please take a minute to read about Danfoss Durakote fittings by clicking the image above.

Dust-ignition explosions are cause for concern in numerous industries nationwide. Unless businesses adhere to NFPA standard engineering regulations for static and dust management, they increase the risk of extensive property damage, not to mention worker injury or loss of life.

Flexaust’s anti-static dust collection hoses and static control hoses play a critical role in maintaining operational safety and preventing fires and explosions. We assist our clients in selecting flexible hoses with the best electrical resistance ratings and appropriate static control hoses to fit the unique risks associated with their facilities and operations.


Tuesday's Highlighted Product:

For today’s highlighted partner during Hose Safety Awareness Week #HSAW2023, we recognize DIXON Quick Disconnects. It would be obvious to state that using their QD’s makes your facility safer, but we’re thinking “outside the box” on this one!

Using Dixon Color Tagging on their Quick Disconnects adds a crucial layer of safety in certain applications.

Please take a minute to read about how Dixon QD Color Tagging can make your facility safer!


Wednesday's Highlighted Products:

For one of today’s highlighted partners during Hose Safety Awareness Week #HSAW2023, we recognize NovaFlex Group. When talking about safety within applications where sensitive fluids are being conveyed and spillage is simply unacceptable, we feel confident in the safety and reliability of the Novaflex HDC’s (Hi-Flow Dry Release Couplings)!

Please take a minute to read about Novaflex HDC’s by clicking on the image above.

Corroline+ is a smoothbore, flexible, fireproof, antistatic hose that can accommodate all your mechanical and process fluid needs, and is more advanced than any other hose product available on the market today.


   – Smoothbore PTFE hose
   – Highly Flexible
   – Fireproof rubber cover
   – Kink proof
   – Antistatic rubber cover
   – Natural and Anti Static liner
   – Lined and non-lined fittings
   – Self-assembly
   – One hose to cover the majority of applications
   – Full certification package

AFLEX hose logo

Thursday's Highlighted Products:

Hose Safety Awareness Week’s Thursday offerings highlight the extremely versatile chemical hose, Fabchem® from Continental. This hose handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow & suction service, while staying extremely durable due to its EPDM Synthetic Rubber cover and Pliosyn™ ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) tube. This makes Fabchem a great choice when safety is a top priority. Partners perfectly with our other hose safety awareness week supplier, Campbell Fittings! Learn more about FabChem by clicking the image above.

The innovative Insta-Lock™ cam and groove coupling system has 10 unique features that make it the preferred coupling system for operators looking for greater convenience, security and productivity. It is an amazingly durable, reliable and secure coupling system suitable for numerous industrial hose applications. It fits perfectly into the Hose Safety Awareness

Please take a minute to read about Campbell Fitting’s Insta-Lock by clicking on the image above.

Campbell Logo

Friday's Highlighted Products

eSafe quick couplings from CEJN

The high flow enhances your tool performance for increased productivity. The secret behind this innovative and patented safety coupling is the highest flow on the market combined with a low pressure drop.

During disconnection eSafe vents the down steaming pressure, eliminating recoil and reducing noise level. In addition, eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design which makes it the natural choice when choosing a high performing safety product. Its extreme durability together with the many benefits will give you a reliable product for years to come.

Read more by clicking the image above!

OPW’s NTS-PU (direct pull) Series Safety Breakaway Couplings protect equipment, piping & personnel in the event of an unintended pull-away. A consideration whenever you are making a tight connection to a truck or railcar.

SAFER. Protects loading rack facilities, hoses and personnel by preventing damage and spills during a pull-away incident.

CLEANER. High value fluid and gas transfer is protected by two spring energized valves for maximum protection with a minimum of fluid loss.

FASTER. Immediate separation occurs at individually determined straight or angular pulling force. This non-destructive separation allows easy reassembly, with no shear pins, tools or spare parts.

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