photo of mulch blowing hose connector on two long length of mulch hose

Swivel Connectors for Mulch Hose & Leaf Vacuum Hose Now Available Online at


Hose Swivel Connectors & Menders for Flextube PU and Flextube PV

Our leaf vacuum hose website now offers swivel couplings or connectors for mulch hose and leaf vacuum hose that can be used to connect two pieces of Flex-Tube PU or Flex-Tube PV Hose and can also be used to repair cracks/splits. Swivel connectors eliminate the twisting and binding that happens when moving long lengths of mulch hose. The Flexaust hose connector attaches to the OUTSIDE of your mulch blowing hose and does NOT obstruct the flow of materials. Flexaust swivel connectors; coupling, male cam, and female cam, are available for both 4” and 5” Flex-Tube PU and PV hose. Hose menders are placed on the inside of the hose and are secured with a bridge clamp*. 


Features and Benefits of a Hose Swivel Connector:

  • Threads on end of Flex-Tube® PU & Flex-Tube® PV hoses making it easier to maneuver longer (connected) lengths of hose
  • Lightweight: Made with lightweight aluminum featuring an o-ring & ball construction
  • Threads directly onto hose – no crimping or banding necessary
  • Easy to connect/disconnect
  • Provides the user freedom to move around without tangling or kinking the hose
  • Ideal for mulch blowing
  • Available in sizes 4″ and 5″
  • Full Flow
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Smooth, Full 360 Degree Rotation
  • Increases productivity and reduces worker fatigue
  • Reduces hose fatigue- extending the life of your hose

Light Duty Hose Mender or Connector

A Hose mender can be used to connect multiple lengths of hose or to repair a split hose. Menders fit inside the hose and are secured with a bridge clamp*.

*Must be used with bridge clamps for secure connection!


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Hydroseeding Hose & Hose Assemblies

Quality hydroseeding hoses are available as well at offers both bulk hydroseeding hose as well as pre-built hydroseeding hose assemblies made with fabric braid reinforced CLEAR PVC and comes equipped with INTERNALLY EXPANDED Male and Female Brass fittings. Internally expanded fittings with our hydroseeder spray hose allow for the highest flow rate and are least likely to clog. AVAILABLE IN 1-1/4″ AND 1-1/2″ ID.


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