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  1. Crimped Steam Hose Assemblies Save Money and Increase Safety

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    photo of a crimped steam hose assembly with text that reads "Save money and increase safety at the same time"


    Steam Hose is built to withstand high temperatures, to safely transport steam and hot water for many industrial applications. But as with any harsh environment, safety is a major concern for choosing the right steam hose and fittings for your assemblies.

    McGill Hose & Coupling offers a high quality crimping process using Continental Contitech Steam Hose with Campbell Fittings to ensure success for all your applications.

    One leaky steam coupling can lead to over $1200 in lost revenue per month and cause serious safety concerns.

    McGill Hose fabricates safe and efficient steam hose assemblies using the best quality products in the industry!

    Crimped Steam Fittings reduce leak paths, don’t require repeated tightening, and the ground joint fittings can be hand-tightened, producing a secure and reliable seal.

    See the difference a steam hose assembly from McGill Hose can make…