food grade hose avail be for food and beverage industries

Food grade hoses are primarily used to transport edible dry food and potable liquids in industrial food and beverage processing applications in a safe and hygienic environment. Also referred to as sanitary hoses, food-grade hoses are constructed with materials that meet or exceed FDA and USDA sanitary standards for food/beverage contact and, when required, we are certified to fabricate certain hose assemblies to 3A standards. Hoses that meet 3A standards are tested under real world conditions, testing for strength of the product, the reaction with cleaning and sanitary solvents and its absorption of fats and oils. Suction capability and kink resistance is also an important factor for sanitary hoses.

McGill Hose & Coupling understands that keeping a pure, consistent product is paramount to maintaining profitability and safety in Food Processing, Beverage, & Dairy industries, among many others.

Food hoses are generally used for the bulk transfer of food/beverage products through suction or pneumatic systems. Suction and discharge hoses are exclusively manufactured to preserve the quality of food products and prevent contamination from exposure to foreign elements.

Most common applications include;

  • Bulk food processing
  • Ground meat
  • Load cell connections
  • Process transfer
  • Pump vibration damping
  • Washdown stations

Food grade hose assemblies from McGill Hose

McGill offers high quality 3A food grade hose and fittings as well as 3A food and beverage hose assemblies.
All of our custom fabricated food and beverage hose assemblies with high flow capabilities are fabricated and tested in-house, ready to be connected to your equipment.

Our feelings around Food and Beverage hose revolve around “Purity”… a simple word, but so complex when actually working to achieve it in your end product.

McGill Hose & Coupling prides itself on supplying quality product hose solutions and services for the food and beverage industries. With over 60 years experience in custom hose fabrication, large inventory of various hoses, high volume production & partnerships with the best in hose and coupling manufacturers, you’ll feel confident putting your trust in us.

High temperature food grade hose

PTFE food hose can be used in some of the more demanding food and beverage hose applications. McGill Hose is pleased to offer AFLEX PTFE food grade hose and their latest offering in the U.S., FaBLine food and beverage hose.

Food and beverage Hose products:

  • Food Transfer Hose
  • Food & Beverage Transfer Hose
  • Tigerflex Transfer Hose
  • Dry Goods Transfer Hose
  • Sanitary Fittings
  • Washdown Hose Mixing Station
  • Washdown Equipment
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Nozzles