water suction hose with fittings at one end sold by McGill Hose & Coupling.

Water Suction Hose & Discharge Hose
for Construction, Mining, Oil, Agriculture & Equipment Rental Industries

Water suction and discharge hose is flexible hose designed specifically for transferring are used to vacuum (suction) or pump (discharge) water from one location to another and is typically used in construction, mining, oil exploration, agriculture and equipment rental industries. Typically these hoses constructed with a rubber or PVC tube that is reinforced with multiple layers of fabric or wire to provide strength and durability. Rigid reinforcement helps the hose keep its shape when not in use and prevents it from collapsing in suction applications.
water suction hose with a fitting

Suction Hoses

These hoses are designed to withstand collapsing when a vacuum is created inside them to suck up water. They are typically more rigid than discharge hoses.
water suction hose available from McGill Hose and Coupling
rubber water suction hose sold by McGill Hose & Coupling
EPDM Water Suction Hose sold my McGill Hose & Coupling
photo of industrial water discharge hose from McGill Hose & Coupling

Discharge Hoses

These hoses are designed to handle the pressure of water being pumped through them. They are typically more flexible than suction hoses.
Kanaline Suction and Discharge Hose
photo of yellow Nitrile discharge hose

Layflat Hose

Layflat hose, also known as discharge hose or lay flat tubing, is a flexible and collapsible hose commonly used for water transfer applications where a lightweight, compact, and portable solution is needed.

Some common uses for lay flat hose include:


Layflat hoses are widely used in agricultural irrigation systems to transport water from a water source (such as a pump or reservoir) to the fields or crops that need watering. Their flexibility and ability to be laid flat on the ground make them easy to deploy and move around as needed.


Layflat hoses are utilized in construction and mining industries for dewatering applications. They are used to pump out excess water from construction sites, mines, trenches, or flooded areas to maintain a safe and dry working environment.

Fluid Transfer:

Layflat hoses can also be used for transferring various fluids where a temporary or portable fluid transfer solution is required.

Emergency Response:

Layflat hoses are commonly included in emergency response kits and disaster relief supplies for quick deployment during emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters.

Overall, layflat hoses offer a convenient and efficient solution for temporary water transfer needs due to their lightweight, compact design, and flexibility.