photo of petroleum transfer hose sold by McGill Hose & Coupling

Petroleum Transfer Hose from the industrial hose experts at McGill Hose & Coupling. Petroleum Transfer applications require hose that is lightweight, low friction and flexible enough to handle the hardworking demands to transfer commercial gasoline, DEF/Diesel Fuels, oil and other petroleum products.

McGill Hose offers 60 years of experience for industrial hose assemblies and offers custom hose assemblies and expert solutions.

Featured Petroleum Hose Transfer Products

photo of Continental Extremeflex Petroleum Transfer Hose

PLICORD® Extremeflex Petroleum Transfer Hose

PLICORD Extremeflex Petroleum transfer hose is an extremely flexible and lightweight hose used in-plant operation to transfer diesel, ethanol, gasoline, oil and petroleum-based products w/up to 50% aromatic content. It has a corrugated construction for lower drag coefficient and superior abrasion resistance. This hose can also be used in fuel drop hose applications.

Plicord® Flexwing® Petroleum

Flexwing® Petroleum transfer hose is used to transfer gasoline, oil, ethanol blends and other petroleum base products up to 50% aromatic content in tank truck and in-plant operations. This hose is designed for pressure, gravity flow or full suction service applications. Flexwing® Petroleum now offers greater flexibility and lighter weight construction for sizes up to and including 2-1/2″.

photo of Continental Flexwing Petroleum Transfer Hose
photo of Continental Flexwing VersaFuel petroleum transfer hose

Flexwing® VersaFuel™

Flexwing® VersaFuel™ synthetic rubber (static dissipating) petroleum transfer hose is used in tanker truck and plant operations to transfer diesel, biodiesel blends, B-100, ethanol blends, gasoline, oil and petroleum base products up to 60% aromatic content. Reinforced with spiral-plied synthetic fabric w/helix wire, Flexwing Versafuel holds up to the rigors of heavy use. 

Red Flextra® 150

Red Flextra® Petroleum Drop Hose 150  (Petroleum Transfer Hose) is a 150 PSI fuel transfer hose that features a nitrile synthetic rubber covered ARPM class A (high oil resistance) hose, and is used for the transfer of ethanol blends, gasoline and other petroleum-based products under pressure, gravity flow or full-suction where maximum flexibility is needed.

photo of the Red FLEXTRA Drop petroleum hose

DEF Hoses – Transfer/Dispensing

photo of the Continental DEF Dispensing Hose


Continental DEF Petroleum  Dispensing Hose is designed specifically to convey the high-purity, aqueous urea solution DEF. The compound of the hose tube is specifically formulated with low extraction EPDM & peroxide cured to provide superior extraction levels to greatly reduce contamination. Flexible softwall construction provides superior handling in basic dispensing & reeling applications. Static wire is available for installation in Class I, Division 1 areas. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF: aqueous 32.5% nitrogen solution of high-purity urea in deionized water) is a key component of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, that assists diesel vehicles in meeting strict emission regulations that went into effect on January 1, 2010. DEF is a liquid-reducing agent that reacts with engine exhaust when presented with a catalyst to convert smog-forming nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless water vapor and nitrogen.

DEF Transfer Hose – Hand Built

Continental DEF Petroleum Transfer Hose is specially designed to convey the high-purity solution DEF. This hose tube compound is formulated with low extraction EPDM & peroxide cured providing superior extraction levels to greatly reduce contamination. Flexible softwall construction provides superior handling in standard transferring and reeling applications. Static wire available for installation in Class I, Division 1 areas.

photo of the DEF Petroleum transfer hose by Continental